Tracy's Karate of Medina


Welcome to the website for Tracy's Karate Studio, located in Medina, OH. Here on the Home page you will find directions to all the various types of media and helpful info this wonderful website has to offer. Have fun and enjoy your visit!

Info Page

The Info page will give you all the information on the studio that you need. From pricing to location to, well everything!

Lists Page

The Lists page contains the lists of techniques we learn at Tracy's Karate Studio. If you forget your book or just need a quick reference you can see all the techniques on that page. Also you can spring to the list you need to look at by clicking the name of the list from the top.

Contact Page

The Contact page will give you any and all information of the various ways you can contact us at Tracy's Karate Studio. Along with the contact information for the studio you will see a list of all the instructors just incase you forgot who your instructor is.